About This Project

Glass Balustrades and Windbreaks – Safe, beautiful and individual

Glass balustrades, in particular, frameless glass balustrades, are a common use of structural glazing to provide a protection against level changes in an architectural design. Our systems are designed with simplicity in mind and are engineered for strength and safety making compliance a breeze. The advantage of using glass for such a barrier means that it is completely transparent and clear, minimising disruption on views from within the building and also minimising the impact the existence of the barrier has on the building design.

Harkk Balustrades

Harkk Balustrades are a series of handrails, posts and fittings resulting in clean, sharp balustrades and screens.

With numerous systems and types of glass to choose from, you will be able to find a look that suits your specific needs.

Key Features
  • Contemporary balustrade systems
  • Clean, minimalist designs with multiple options
  • Unique connectors and rails
  • Engineer tested & certified

Panora Kinetic Windbreak

The Kinetic windbreak system is a vertically retracting balustrade that is suitable for outdoor applications. Kinetic systems provide all the benefits of a glass railing, with the convenience of an additional wind and rain shield when required.

Key Features

Kinetic systems utilize a concealed self-charging piston system that eliminates the unsightly counterweights, thick profiles, cables, and pulleys that are used by other inferior systems. Kinetic opens manually and closes automatically with a simple touch. The Kinetic FC provides high wind resistance and extra safety. The Kinetic FB is designed to be portable with an integrated planter.

Balustrades and Windbreaks