Revolutionary doors and windows

The adventure of architecture, which constantly pursues the better, continues to carry homes and offices far beyond being just a building that answers the need for shelter.  Buildings have ceased to be seen just as four walls.

For centuries technological advances have improved the function, flexibility and variety of doors and windows. Despite this continual evolution, they have always been limited in their primary function of providing uninhibited views and utilizing net openings available in your buildings.

And now, we introduce the revolutionary next step in doors and windows…

The retractable architectural Guillotine Window and Door System represents a new paradigm to the architectural door and window world.  The large spans and vertically retracting frames (up to 5,5m) provide unobstructed views and optimise the versatility of every opening in your buildings.

Put simply, they “broaden your horizons!”

“Imagine a glass wall that virtually disappears to create a door or window function by sliding up or down, without taking up any space in its operation.”

The Guillotine Window and Door System literally makes the architecture kinetic by creating spaces that offer flexible living and working environments for any type of weather.  The aluminium and glass retractable structures are innovative, functional and aesthetically attractive.


  • A new alternative to classic sliding, swinging or folding windows & doors.
  • More glass, less frame (up to 5m wide without vertical profiles).
  • “Magnifying and expanding” effects in spaces.
  • Horizontal retracting (guillotine action) sash window & door.
  • Operation does not require any extra stacking space.
  • Engineered to provide clear openings up to 5m wide without any vertical profiles.
  • No counter weights.


  • Extensive design options.
  • Three (3) unique systems to suit specific needs, climates, sizes or budget.
  • Different glazing configurations.
  • Flexibility of configuration, safety features and aesthetics.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Greater window and glass wall seating leads to greater revenue potential for commercial uses.


  • Natural light optimisation due to large glazing.
  • Uninterrupted views.
  • Quiet, simple and safe motorised operation.
  • Can be incorporated into home or commercial automation and security systems.
  • No added space is required for stacking the panels when opened.
  • UPS backup power options.


  • Safety and user satisfaction.
  • Manufactured from custom-designed aluminium extrusions of 6063-T6.
  • Electrostatic baked on powder coating with five (5) standard colours and dozens of custom colours.
  • All components and fittings are made of non-corrosive materials.

*Glass Workx (WA) Pty Ltd is a registered dealer of Libart PanoraView and Panora Kinetic products.


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